learning German – App

This app was been tested by Stiftung Warentest:

App for German beginners and advanced   –  Level A1 to B1

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Start:  first words              (Hallo – Tschüss)

den Lernplan kann man selbst wählen




bis hin zum Lernbereich “Beruf”      –   to learning area “Beruf” (profession)

Learn important expressions and get some training for certain situations.


Grammatik, Lese- und Hörverstehen, Vokabeltraining im Sprachniveau A1 bis B1 und das extra Lernfeld “Beruf”





fire or emergency? call 112

النسخة العربية
english version
deutsche Version

european Emergency Call: 112

Emergency calls are free of charge from any (mobile) telephone.

If you dial the emergency number 112, it is very important for the rescue team that you describe the accident as precisely as possible.

The following questions may help:

• Where did the accident happen?
• What happened?
• How many injured people are there?
• What kind of injuries?
• Who reports the emergency?


Police: 110

medical care or pharmacy emergancy