Public Transport Saarland

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Informations about public transport like trains and busses in Saarland:

Sure, you can get one way tickets for a singel trip, but if you want to return on the same day, it´s worth tho check out the „Tageskarte“. You can also give it to a friend, when you´ve finished your trip.

If you are traveling together with up to 5 persons, you can get a „Gruppenkarte“. So you can save a lot of money. For a group-ticket for up to 8 persons ask the information






download „Travel in Saarland“


Find out the price:

It´s a bit tricky to findout the price for your trip. For help, you should ask in the Kundenzentrum – the client-informationcenter.

Find a SaarVV-center next to your place:




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Testseite für die Plattform für Neue Saarländerinnen und Saarländer

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