medical care/Pharmacy/Emergency Assistance – Notdienste

Medical On-Call Service and/or Emergency Assistance: 116117
If you urgently need medical care outside regular consultation hours and do not know where to find the nearest medical on-call service, you can dial 116117. Your call will be forwarded to the on-call service responsible for you. In case of acute life-threatening situations, i.e. in case of an emergency, please always call 112!

Emergency Pharmacy Finder: 0800 0022833
On this free landline number, you can find the nearest emergency pharmacy. By mobile phone, please call 22833 (69 cent/minute). Or send and SMS saying „apo“ to 22833 (69 cent/sms). You will immediately get several answer messages containing the nearest emergency pharmacies. The „Apothekenfinder“ App provided for Apple, Android and Windows-8 smartphones and tablets (free download) shows the duty pharmacies, too.

On the internet, you can search duty pharmacies free of charge by using the online emergency services search function on Simply enter your location or postal code in the search box and all duty pharmacies in your area will be displayed together with a map. This works from any computer or smartphone with an internet connection.



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