Quer durch´s Land – Ticket

Special offers Deutsche Bahn

With the Quer durch´s Land-Ticket (link in German language only) you can
travel through whole Germany and parts of neighbor-regions
It´s for 44€ – and up to 4 fellow passengers can travel with you for 8€ per person. Don´t forget to note the name of all passengers before you start your travel.


Your own kids and grandchilds to the age of 15 are free!

Children till the age of 6 are always free in the Deutsche Bahn


You can get it at the ticket-machine.


Quer Durch´s Land-Ticket“ Zone of validity




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Poison Emergency Number

Poison Emergency Number in Saarland:
Homburg: 06841 19240

In case of poisoning caused by chemicals, drugs, or parts of plants, there are emergency hotlines in Germany.

There is no single number for this service.

Every federal state has its own poison information centres that are available around the clock.


in other regions:

Berlin (Berlin and Brandenburg)
Phone: 030 19240

Bonn (North Rhine-Westphalia)
Phone: 0228 19240

Erfurt (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia)
Phone: 0361 730730

Freiburg (Baden-Württemberg)
Phone: 0761 19240

Göttingen (Bremen, Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein)
Phone: 0551 19240

Mainz (Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse)
Phone: 06131 19240

Munich (Bavaria)
Phone: 089 19240


Scout out Saarland and Rheinland-Pfalz

You can travel with the “Saarland-Ticket” though whole Saarland and Rheinland-Pfalz for one day till 3am on the next day.

your benefits   (Ihre Vorteile)

  • Tipp: If you buy it online or at the ticket-mashine at the station, you safe 2€ for the consulting of the cashier. Bei Onlinebuchung entfällt die 2 Euro Gebühr für die persönliche Beratung
  • From 9am to 3am next day, you can do as many trips as you want in the whole Saarland. Up to 4 persons can go with you for 5€ extra charge each personBeliebig viele Fahrten mit bis zu 5 Personen von 9 bis 3 Uhr des Folgetages.
  • It´s value for all “Nahverkehrszüge” (the slower trains) and many busses in Saarland and Rheinland-Pfalz. Alle Nahverkehrszüge, Verkehrsverbünde sowie fast alle Linienbusse im Saarland und in Rheinland-Pfalz
  • For the most part it´s free for your kids and your grandchilds till the age of 15.  Eigene Kinder und Enkel unter 15 Jahren in vielen Fällen kostenlos
  • From 9am to 3am next day. At the weekend at bank holydays it´s value the whole day (even before 9 am). Von 9 bis 3 Uhr des Folgetags, am Wochenende, an Feiertagen und Rosenmontag sowie am 15. August, 24. und 31. Dezember ganztags
  • You can get it with your mobile:  Handy-Ticket
  • Get further informations about special offers of Deutsche Bahn: Regional reisen mit Länder-, Schönes-Wochenende- oder Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket: Unsere beliebtesten Angebote im Direktvergleich



price  –  Preis 

  • from 24,- Euro
  • fellow passengers (up to 4 persons): 5€ extra chargeJeder Mitreisende (max. 4 Personen) nur 5 Euro Aufpreis


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Wie viel kostet mein Saarland-Ticket?

Saarland-Ticket 2. Klasse

1 Reisender: 24,- Euro

2 Reisende: 29,- Euro

3 Reisende: 34,- Euro

4 Reisende: 39,- Euro

5 Reisende: 44,- Euro

Die angegebenen Preise sind für den Kauf am DB Automaten und im Internet gültig. An unseren DB Verkaufsstellen erhalten Sie alle Tickets mit persönlicher Beratung für einen Aufschlag von 2,- Euro.

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Where can you go with the Saarland-Ticket?               Geltungsbereich


Public Transport Saarland

Bildschirmfoto 2016-10-24 um 12.25.14.png
Informations about public transport like trains and busses in Saarland: saarvv.de

Sure, you can get one way tickets for a singel trip, but if you want to return on the same day, it´s worth tho check out the „Tageskarte“. You can also give it to a friend, when you´ve finished your trip.

If you are traveling together with up to 5 persons, you can get a „Gruppenkarte“. So you can save a lot of money. For a group-ticket for up to 8 persons ask the information






download „Travel in Saarland“


Find out the price:


It´s a bit tricky to findout the price for your trip. For help, you should ask in the Kundenzentrum – the client-informationcenter.

Find a SaarVV-center next to your place: saarvv.de/service/der-saarvv/kundenzentren/



Travel in Germany

Traveling in Germany can be your ruin. The regular costs for train-tickets are sometimes very hight.

But There are some possibility that makes your travel payable.

You should check out the special offers of the Deutsche Bahn or other public transports.
If you are on tour with your family, friends or any group, check out the costs for the group, so you may save a lot of money.

You can go by Bus – Fernbus can be very economic. It´s worth comparing several bus-lines.                                    German bus-lines in test:   www.test.de/Fernbusse

You can find somebody to take you with him/her in the car: www.blablacar.de

Scout out the region

You can find a “Länder-Ticket” in many regions, that allows you to travel the whole day in a certain area.

To travel through Saarland and Rheinland Pfalz and the region around it, check out Saarland-Ticket.



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medical care/Pharmacy/Emergency Assistance – Notdienste

Medical On-Call Service and/or Emergency Assistance: 116117
If you urgently need medical care outside regular consultation hours and do not know where to find the nearest medical on-call service, you can dial 116117. Your call will be forwarded to the on-call service responsible for you. In case of acute life-threatening situations, i.e. in case of an emergency, please always call 112!

Emergency Pharmacy Finder: 0800 0022833
On this free landline number, you can find the nearest emergency pharmacy. By mobile phone, please call 22833 (69 cent/minute). Or send and SMS saying „apo“ to 22833 (69 cent/sms). You will immediately get several answer messages containing the nearest emergency pharmacies. The „Apothekenfinder“ App provided for Apple, Android and Windows-8 smartphones and tablets (free download) shows the duty pharmacies, too.

On the internet, you can search duty pharmacies free of charge by using the online emergency services search function on www.aponet.de. Simply enter your location or postal code in the search box and all duty pharmacies in your area will be displayed together with a map. This works from any computer or smartphone with an internet connection.